Do you have dental braces? Perhaps you have a dental bridge and have trouble reaching those hard to clean problem areas. When it comes to looking your best, don’t let your smile suffer. If you want to feel more confident than ever, you should look into visiting your local dentist. You’re just a call away from a better, healthier smile. Most of us don’t think about just how important it is to schedule regular teeth cleanings with your dental health physician.

Here are some tools you will use and see at your dentist’s office:

Dental Piks:

These are just like they sound, a specialized dental tool that picks away plaque from your teeth and around your gums. Making sure that you keep plaque build up in check is imperative. The plaque that builds up on your teeth can cause gum irritation and even cause infection of the gums. At that point you would need to go to the dentist anyway, so why not just prevent it in the first place?

Waterpik for Your TeethWaterpiks:

A Waterpik is a dental tool that you will love to use. It will flush out any food or other debris that has gotten stuck in between your teeth. Waterpiks use a gentle, yet high-powered stream of water to dislodge unwanted food and plaque from between your teeth. Dentists use these pretty often when cleaning teeth. Good tip, don’t aim the stream towards the back of your throat. It can be very uncomfortable and leave your mouth/throat feeling sore. Now, they sell these waterpiks online and in some stores. You can own one to use personally in your home. If you’re thinking about getting one, you should look into Dental water Jet reviews of


The most commonly known dental tool would have to be the dental mirror. Dental mirrors are used by the physician to see the backs of your teeth with ease. They will use the mirror almost during the entire visit. These mirrors are small, round, flat, and located on the end of a metal stick. They are designed this way so your dentist can reach the back of your mouth easily without choking you or jabbing your gums.

Dental Tools to Better Your Smile

Oral Needles:

These are used to inject medications and sedative medicine into your gums. This seems really scary and painful but if done right, can actually be seemingly painless. Dentists who take their time and carefully administer the dental needle will remove pain as a factor. For some procedures, you might even need to have a good majority of your mouth sedated to keep your mouth from flinching and moving. Wisdom tooth removal is one typical example of this. When your dentist has a knife they are using in your mouth, you don’t want to be moving around.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they brush and floss regularly, they can avoid having to go to their dentist. That is not the case. Even with frequent flossing and brushing, regular teeth cleanings are still just as important to maintaining your oral health. If you visit your dental health physician regularly you can keep your smile and your teeth looking healthier longer, even well into your older years.